Our Campaigns

We our fundraising campaigns are run on regular occasions depending on the need presented and all proceedings goes directly towards the category of choice. Please consult with social media platforms to see current campaigns. However, you can donate directly to any campaign at any given time. Please use the name of the campaign as a reference.

the cupboard is an initiative taken by our very own coordinator and driver “Uncle” Andrew Johnson. He forms food packages that consists of staple products and usually lasts each family approximately 1 month on average.  All the proceedings will go directly to food packages that will be given to members of the community that are in need.

“Every child deserves a safe place to play”. This campaign aims to raise funds for our sport development program. Proceedings will go towards all future plans of development and the maintenance thereof.

As a core component of teaching and learning, learners are expected to gain work related experience to gain deeper insight into their studies. This campaign will raise funds for learners which will enable them to participate in various educational excursions. 

Although we run kuriostrend to support community based programs, we rely very much on volunteers support by choosing to volunteer with us! If you don’t have any specific campaign that you would like to donate to, you more than welcome to donate to Kuriostrend. 

The Bully-Smash campaign is an initiative to educate learners about bullying, the effects of bullying and how to overcome bullying. Workshops are conducted with grade 7 learners at 6 selected schools in the Northern Areas of Port Elizabeth. In completion of the workshop, learners receive the following:

  • Interactive bullying workbook
  • Bully-Smash’ badge (that they would wear to school), 
  • Attendance certificate
  • 1day excursion where they will be treated to fun activities inclusive of a lunch pack for each learner.