Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. Our programs run throughout the year, as it is managed by the local community. We have adopted a local-international volunteering model. Throughout the year, the programs are coordinated by locals. This ensures sustainability of programs. Our programs are also outcomes based. If we meet the specific outcome, the program is either modified to address new issues, or it is eliminated as the objective has been met. 

Easy. Fill in the form on the home page. Somebody will respond within 24 hours. 

Each program is different and requires a different resources. When you select a program we tailor make it to the needs of the community and the volunteer.  

10% of all the money generated is distributed to an NPC, a community church. the rest goes towards the accommodation, transport to your program and salaries and stipends. There is also a separate fund for various community activities. 

You can cancel at any giving time but will not get refunded. 

It is safe to work in the locations as you will be working with local volunteers. They are the onsite coordinators who support you whilst you volunteer. After hours, there are volunteer coordinators who manage your stay. They spend a significant time with you and try to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

We put much thought into our programs. Sometimes we plan 1 year in advance to ensure that our programs provide a positive experience for all. We will usually post updates of various campaigns on the website and social media. This serves as indication to apply.