About Us

Kuriostrend volunteer projects is a small locally owned business in Port Elizabeth, managed and run by husband and wife, Junayne and Justine Baatjes with the help of key local coordinators. Kuriostrend was created to meet the needs of underprivileged communities. We by no means use volunteering as a form of exploitation, but rather as a tool for sustainable development. If your idea of volunteering is sitting around and playing with children all day, you’re at the wrong place. We’re provide real projects.  We’re unique in our operations as we’re all from the beautiful Northern Areas community of Port Elizabeth and focus on relevant needs.  

Vision & Mission


To be a leader in community development and to provide real projects




To provide sustainable community development projects to previously disadvantaged communities, focusing on empowering communities through skill and sport development. 


Our intent


Provide meaningful, effective and sustainable volunteer programs

To be a tool for change in our community and to be a leader in community development

Provide learners at schools with an opportunity to use sport as a tool for success

Partner with schools and NPO’s

Partner with international organizations to recruit more volunteers/interns

Be the change and the face of our community

Foster local pride and uplifting the community through tourism;

Build and facilitate future relationships with key stakeholders in order to invest in the business and community;

Expand the business and start operating nationally, contributing to job creation and economic and sociocultural development.