House of Resurrection

House of Resurrection


The House of Resurrection Haven is a registered Non-Govermental Organisation as well as Non-Profit Organization that operates as a Children’s Home and child care facility located in Salsoneville, Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. We are a registered Foster Cluster Home with the Department of Social Development in the Eastern Cape.

The House of Resurrection Haven cares for 38 children currently. We provide a home for children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. All of our children fall in the category of orphans and vulnerable children. Nineteen of our children are HIV+ and are on ARV’s and attend clinic and hospital regularly, go for regular check-ups and screening and are taught how to live positive lives in spite of their HIV status. We raise our children without the fear of being stigmatized and labelled and always strive to give them a space where they feel loves, safe and secure


Bongolethu Playschool

We have a Playschool called Bongolethu Playschool that is attended by our toddlers (4 from HORH) and children from the community that surrounds us. We currently have 28 children in our Playschool. The Playschool is a safe, clean and child-friendly environment where children from the nearby communities enjoy responsible adult supervision, learning through fun and play, quality educational, social and emotional development. We have a qualified facilitator with reliable assistants and volunteers to care and teach our children.

Food Gardens

We have also started food gardens in 2011 and this forms part of our plans and strategy to become self-sufficient, instill a love for God’s creation and the soil in our children and to provide healthy veggies and later on fruit for our community at the Haven. We make use of the services of the volunteers as well as the children to tend the gardens.

Recycling Project

In 2014 we have started a project called Siya Vuna (We harvest). This project is to assist us to become financially stable as well as to provide a training ground for our children and young women from the community around us. In this project we recycle tubes from tyres and all other materials like tyres, etc. Our aim is to make bags, coasters, pencil cases, jewellery, etc from the tyres and tubes.


Duration USD EURO GBP  
1 week 320 270 220
2 week 540 490 440
3 week 740 690 640
4 week 940 890 840
5 week 1300 1150 1000
3-12 Months 580pm 520pm 450pm

What is included in your volunteering fee:

  • 24/7 in country assistance
  • Volunteer coordinator
  • Transport to and from projects on a daily basis
  • Airport pickup and drop off
  • Orientation and volunteer pack
  • Accommodation
  • 3 basic meals per day
  • Project fees
  • City Tour

What is excluded:

  • Weekend outings
  • Flights
  • Insurance
  • Personal luxuries

how you benefit as a volunteer

  • Volunteering your skills helps you gain more skills that can help you gain experience and knowledge
  • Gain more confidence – By giving you a chance to try something new and build a real sense of achievement
  • Making a difference – Volunteering can have a positive, lasting impact on people and communities
  • Be part of the community - working everyday with the community, you learn from them as they accept you as their own
  • Meeting new people and building friendships
  • Volunteering can advance your career