Educational Program

Educational Program


Our educational program provides learners( ages 14 – 18) from previously disadvantaged backgrounds an opportunity to gain a national certificate in courses offered by schools and colleges in South Africa. We train and teach students basic skills that are not necessarily covered in the school curriculum, but is needed to perform daily functions, like public speaking, computer training etc. Our main focus of this project is to equip our children and ultimately making them employable. This however does come with challenges.



  • They struggle to conceptualize basic schoolwork
  • The ability to follow instructions is minimal
  • They lack basic computer skills
  • They face extreme social pressures because of where they live (98% come from the location)
  • They cannot express themselves freely, this causes frustration, depression


Assisting the school/college by managing the resource centre on campus to support students. The resource centre will be in operation from 08:30 – 14:30 Monday-Friday. Volunteers will be assisted by local staff. The duties of the volunteers consist of:

  • Developing basic computer skills
  • Assisting with collection quality information for assignments
  • Setting up tutorials as to how to do research
  • Tutoring students that have difficulties with school work (tutoring in English, Computers, Finance, Marketing, Tourism)
  • Mentoring local students to become tutors in their field of study
  • Running skills development workshops (public speaking,debating etc) on a weekly basis


Duration USD EURO GBP  
1 week 320 270 220
2 week 540 490 440
3 week 740 690 640
4 week 940 890 840
5 week 1300 1150 1000

What is included in your volunteering fee:

  • 24/7 in country assistance
  • Volunteer coordinator
  • Transport to and from projects on a daily basis
  • Airport pickup and drop off
  • Orientation and volunteer pack
  • Accommodation
  • Project fees
  • City Tour

What is excluded:

  • Weekend outings
  • Flights
  • Insurance
  • Meals

how you benefit as a volunteer

  • Volunteering your skills helps you gain more skills that can help you gain experience and knowledge
  • Gain more confidence – By giving you a chance to try something new and build a real sense of achievement
  • Making a difference – Volunteering can have a positive, lasting impact on people and communities
  • Be part of the community - working everyday with the community, you learn from them as they accept you as their own
  • Meeting new people and building friendships
  • Volunteering can advance your career