Our educational program provides learners( ages 14 – 18) from previously disadvantaged backgrounds an opportunity to gain a national certificate in courses offered by schools and colleges in South Africa. We train and teach students basic skills that are not necessarily covered in the curriculum, but is needed to perform daily functions, like public speaking, computer training etc. Our main focus of this project is to equip our children and ultimately making them employable. This however does come with challenges.


The House of Resurrection Haven is a registered Non-Govermental Organisation as well as Non-Profit Organization that operates as a Children’s Home and child care facility located in Salsoneville, Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. We are a registered Foster Cluster Home with the Department of Social Development in the Eastern Cape.
The House of Resurrection Haven cares for 38 children currently. We provide a home for children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. All of our children fall in the category of orphans and vulnerable children. Nineteen of our children are HIV+ and are on ARV’s and attend clinic and hospital regularly, go for regular check-ups and screening and are taught how to live positive lives in spite of their HIV status. We raise our children without the fear of being stigmatized and labelled and always strive to give them a space where they feel loves, safe and secure.


The Northern areas sport development program takes place at various schools in the northern areas of Port Elizabeth. The goal of this specific program revolves around the concept, “Off the streets and onto the pitch”. We use sport as a medium to curb the high level of societal pressures that plague the youth of our community.
Introducing the sport program to schools in our community as part of a healthy balanced lifestyle will encourage learners to look beyond circumstances and use sport as a tool for self-development. Volunteers/interns will provide us with assistance in coaching and mentoring from Monday to Thursday, and occasional Saturdays.